Hi, welcome everybody out there!

Welcome to the small world of “Harmonica Slim“,also known as Beppe Semeraro: YOU’LL MAKE IT BIGGER!

I decided to create this site ’cause I wish the whole world will visit it, and half of it will book a ticket for my shows!

The long story I have to tell starts back from 1980, when I was barely 21 (!!) and I was playin’ the Electric Chicago-Blues with some great Italian bands of that period: Showbiz Blues Band, Omar & the Magic Roosters as well as acoustic traditional blues style as Blue Steam with the finger pickin’ wizard Max De Bernardi  more than 25 years ago. With him I also recorded a couple of CDs. In Italy, I’ve played with almost everyone who  is able to speak the “Blues language” at its higher expression.

Occasionally, while tourin around Europe and overseas, I had the opportunity to play with many great LOCAL ARTISTS.

I took part a lot of blues-jazz festivals and clubs (Saxon pub – Austin TX; Jax Brewery, N. O.;Billy Blues, St. Antonio, TX; Blueshouse, Milan, for ten years; Macallè Blues Festival; Milano Blues Festival; ATRI Blues Festival; St. Gallen meets New Orleans, then Ascona New Orleans Festa and Rapperswill Blues’n’Jazz for many  years).

I opened gigs and had the opportunity to play with some of the greatest masters like JUNIOR WELLS, JOHN PRIMER, BOB BROZMAN, WOODY MANN, SUGAR BLUE, BILLY BRANCH, PINETOP PERKINS, TABBY THOMAS, OLIVER MORGAN, BOB MARGOLIN, HENRY GRAY, SANDRA HALL, BIG DADDY WILSON and particurarly with the great SONNY TERRY just to name a few.

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